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153 buildings in northern part of Dhaka city vulnerable
January 17th, 2017 at 6:46 pm
153 buildings in northern part of Dhaka city vulnerable

Dhaka – The city authorities have identified a total of 153 buildings in the northern part of Dhaka city as vulnerable.

“These buildings will be dismantled after discussion with the owners,” Annisul Huq, mayor of Dhaka’s North City, told a press conference on Tuesday.

Twelve of those vulnerable buildings are identified as markets. They are Gulshan kitchen market at Gulshan Section-2,  Gulsan paka market, Khulgaon kitchen market, KLhilgaon Super Market, Kawran Bazar wholesale market, Mohammadpur Town Hall market, Mohammadpur Town Hall kitchen market, Gantoli Market and Aminbazar Truck Terminal Market, the mayor said.

He said the authorities also identified 141 privately onwed buildings as vulnerable. Experts from Bangladesh University and Engineering and Technology and the City Corporation have identified those vulnerable buildings.

“Some of them are more vulnerable while the others partially risky,” said Huq adding that those buildings were founded during the 1960s.

The authorities have already served notice to the owners of the buildings, he said.