BNP to float formula on election-time administration
January 20th, 2018 at 10:37 pm
BNP to float formula on election-time administration

Dhaka – Bangladesh Nationalist Party has been contemplating to formulate a ‘clear framework’ on an election-time government which would oversee the next parliamentary elections at the end of the year.

The party general secretary Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir came up with the idea of formulating the polls-time administration on Saturday saying that his party would reveal the formula at an ‘appropriate time’.

“We must reveal the framework so that the next general election is held in a free, fair and inclusive manner,” Fakhrul said without giving any timeline for such proposal.

The party, which boycotted the last general election in 2014 over the demand of a non-party caretaker administration to oversee the national polls, has been pressing that no fail election could be possible under the present government.

The ruling Awami League party was also turned down a BNP request to hold a national dialogue for a credible election.

Awami League has been scraping the issue sensing its absolute failure in the upcoming national polls, alleged Fakhrul adding that the BNP would not join any election under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

“We want a neutral administration during the election. No fair and credible election is possible under the Awami League,” he said adding that the government had neither been paying heeds to the oppositions’ demand nor following the path of dialogue.

Fakhrul said the Awami League will face an absolute debacle if people can exercise their right to voting.