Inu finds BNP proposals roadblock to credible elections
October 17th, 2017 at 10:50 pm
Inu finds BNP proposals roadblock to credible elections

Dhaka – Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu has said the proposals Bangladesh Nationalist Party, an opposition outside parliament, placed before the election commission are aimed at creating chaos.

The minister said the 20-point suggestion is considered as roadblock to credible holding of the parliamentary polls due by the end of 2018.

“It is a proposal to complicate the situation, not for participatory polls,” Inu told a press conference at the Bangladesh Secretariat on Tuesday.

The BNP placed the suggestions, including deployment of army troops with magisterial authority during the election, formation of a poll-time administration and dissolution of parliament, before the election commission on Monday.

The minister said there was nothing new in the set of proposals.

“Their demands for ‘election-time-assisting government’ and ‘dissolution of parliament’ neither go with the spirit of the constitution nor are mandated for EC,” he added.

Referring to BNP’s demand of deploying the armed forces with magisterial power, Inu said that in each constituency High Court deployed a judicial magistrate and four executive magistrates to maintain law and order during elections.

Inu also said the armed forces will to be deployed by the election commission as striking force, whenever necessary.

Inu termed the demand for army deployment as a “deep-rooted conspiracy to make the armed forces controversial”. They had been deployed during the 2008 election but that, too, was challenged by the BNP, he added.

The same was true of 1996, and whenever BNP lost an election they did not spare the armed forces from criticism, he said.

Referring to BNP’s proposal for nomination from either a party or from an alliance, the minister said that it was a conspiratorial way to involve the militants, ‘Jamaatis’ and other outlawed elements in the electoral process.

Principal Information Officer Kamrun Nahar along with other officials were present at the press conference, according to an Information Ministry press release.