Farhad Mazhar to return to home
July 4th, 2017 at 8:12 pm
Farhad Mazhar to return to home

Dhaka – Poet and writer Farhad Mazhar was allowed to return home more than 30 hours after he was mysteriously “abducted” in the capital Dhaka and later “rescued” in the southern district of Jessore as a court allowed him to be on his own custody, officials said on Tuesday.

Mazhar, a writer lenient to the politics of opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party, was abducted after he came out of his home in Dhaka’s Adabor early Monday morning, claimed his family.

But he was found in a passenger bus travelling from Khulna to Jessore in the midnight after he had his dinner alone in a Khulna restaurant, according to witnesses and police.

As he was produced before the magistracy in Dhaka, a court recorded his statement before he was freed on Tuesday evening on his own custody after submitting an application.

Metropolitan Magistrate Ahsan Habib allowed poet to be at his home.

But the mystery is not revealed fully despite he was quizzed at the office of the detective branch of police in Dhaka. The details are still sketchy.

An officer after primary interrogation came up with Mazhar’s claim that he was blindfolded when he was abducted in Dhaka. But it was not clear then how he reached Khulna and had dinner alone at a restaurant and caught a bus towards Jessore.

Abdul Baten, joint commissioner of the Detective Branch of police, while briefing newsmen did not elaborate any further.

It was not immediately known about his statement as a victim of abduction to the court. The poet himself avoided questions from the press. He left the court premises at around 7pm for his home flaked by his daughter Chaumtoli Huq and wife Farida Akter.