Man carrying explosives killed at checkpoint in Bangladesh
March 18th, 2017 at 4:07 pm
Man carrying explosives killed at checkpoint in Bangladesh

Dhaka – Police claimed they found explosives and suicide vest attached with the body of a man gunned down by the security forces at a checkpoint in Dhaka’s Nandipara neighbourhood on Saturday, official said.

The unidentified man was shot by the members of the Rapid Action Battalion at about 4.30 am when he, came by a motorbike, trying to throw something on the lawmen standing at the checkpoint at Shekher Jaiga. The biker was found dead later.

The battalion members later found a huge amount of explosives attached to his body, officer Shakhawat Hossain told reporters.

The man might have targeted the security men at the checkpoint early in the morning, he added.

The attempt came less than 16 hours after a suspected bomber was killed in an explosion at a makeshift camp of the battalion in Dhaka’s northern neighbourhood of Ashkona.

Investigators say Friday’s attacker was a suicide bomber who blew him up inside the camp as per plans by any radical Islamist group.

Hours after the incident, Islamic State militant group claimed credit of the attack, which also wounded two battalion members, prompting the authorities to step up security at airports and prisons across Bangladesh.

US-based SITE Intelligence group reported quoting IS’ Amaq news agency that the radical group claimed the responsibility of the attack.

Battalion officials say Saturday’s attacker was carrying explosives on his body, just like the man who entered the camp to blow him up on Friday.

Police collected DNA sample of the man as his identity could not be determined. The motorbike was also seized and taken to Khilgaon police station.

Muslim-majority Bangladesh has seen a wave of recent attacks by Islamist militants on bloggers, academics, human rights activists and foreign nationals in 2015 and 2016.

The government launched an offensive against the terrorists, whom the authorities term as home-grown and not connected with the international terrorist groups, after the deadly attack on a restaurant in Dhaka’s Gulshan diplomatic area that killed 20 civilians on July 1, 2016.  Five terrorists and two police officers were also killed in encounters.

The security forces killed at least 45 suspected militants in the past eight months of raids lunched in response to the attack on the Holey Artisan Bakery.