Grenades, explosives seized in Chittagong
March 8th, 2017 at 4:47 pm
Grenades, explosives seized in Chittagong

Dhaka – Security forces seized grenade and stock of bomb-making materials at a house in the port city of Chittagong on Wednesday, a day after suspected militants attacked a police check post in eastern Comilla district, police said.

The lawmen raided the home in Mirsharai of Chittagong on information obtained from two suspected militant captured in Comilla after the attack on police post.

Hasan, one of the two suspects captured Tuesday, had rented the home in the port city, officer Sairul Islam said.

Police also arrested the sister and sister-in-law of Hasan from Comilla.

Superintend of Police Nur-e-Alam Mia said police seized grenades, 280 packers of iron ball, nine machete, bomb-making ingredients and banners inscribed in ‘Allahu’ in Arabic letters and clothes.

The flat has been sealed after the operation by the members of the counter terrorism unit of police.

A team of bomb disposal unit of police has been sent to spot.

Police on Tuesday arrested Hasan and Jashim after they hurled crude bombs at police during a routine check of a bus on Dhaka-Chittagong highway in Comilla’s Chandina sub-district.