President urges lawmakers to play constructive roles
January 22nd, 2017 at 11:36 pm
President urges lawmakers to play constructive roles

Dhaka – President Abdul Hamid has urged lawmakers from both treasury and opposition benches to play effective roles in the parliament to meet the people’s expectations.

“I urge upon all irrespective of their affiliation with the treasury or the opposition to play effective and constructive roles in the Jatiya Sangsad, the place to fulfill people’s aspirations,” Hamid said addressing the parliament’s winter session that began on Sunday.

The president highlighted the government’s successes in different areas, including economy, trade and commerce, agriculture, power, foreign relations, tourism, education, healthcare, good governance and women and children development among others.

The session began with Speaker Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury in the chair in the afternoon.

Leader of the House and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Leader of the Opposition Raushan Ershad were present during the President’s speech.

Hamid said the government has been working relentlessly to build Bangladesh as a developed country by consolidating the democratic system.

United efforts will have to be made to eliminate terrorism-militancy by building an exploitation free golden Bengal as dreamt by Bangabandhu, he added.

The president underscored the need for forging unity to uphold the glorious independence, sustain the spirit of the war of liberation, consolidate democracy and the rule of law in the country, according to state-run Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha news agency.

He said alongside the party in power, the opposition parties have to play constructive roles in intensifying transparency, accountability, tolerance, human rights and the rule of law.

Hamid said the present government has been running the affairs of state taking the challenge of continuing the progress of democracy and achieving socioeconomic targets.

The government has been making tireless efforts to consolidate the processes of good governance attaching highest priority to growth of democracy, establishment of the rule of law and achievement of socioeconomic enrichment, he said.

“I hope that the government will maintain peace, discipline and stability in state and society overcoming all the challenges,” added the president.

He lauded the government’s firmness to eliminate terrorism and militancy from the society.

Hamid hoped that the country would succeed in achieving the targets of reaching a middle-income nation by 2021 and a prosperous one by 2041 as Bangladesh maintained a steady and balanced economic growth due to its prudent fiscal and monetary policies.

The president said over the last five years the economy boosted an average of 6.5 percent growth and the GDP growth in fiscal year 2015-16 was 7.1 percent.

Per capita national income has stood at US$ 1,465 and the forex reserves were US$32.1 billion in fiscal year 2015-16, he added.

He said the present government is pledged-bound to ensure food security for all and ensured a secured food-stock through importing and procuring from internal sources.

A buffer stock of more than 10 lakh tons of food grains has been made for facing food crisis during any natural disaster, he added.

The government has taken up ‘National Industry Policy 2016’ for the development and flourishing of the industrial sector, he said, adding that a time-befitting “Export Policy 2015-18” has been formulated to bring dynamism in the country’s overseas trade.

On the construction of Padma Bridge, Hamid said the government has attached the highest priority to the construction of the 6.15-km bridge for establishing a proper and coordinated communication network among all regions of the country.

The bridge is expected to complete by 2018, he said, adding that agreement has been signed with a Chinese company to build a tunnel under the river Karnophuli at a cost of Tk 8,446 crore, which is expected to complete by 2020.

He said a total of Tk 3100 crore were allocated for climate trust fund up to 2015-16 and Tk 630.48 crore were allocated from this fund for implementation of a total of 472 projects in 2016.

The President said the government has taken varied steps to establish local government institutions as a strong and developed service organization.


About the prime minister’s achievements in the international fronts, he said the prime minister has become member of the UN High-Level Panel on Water.

The prime minister also participated in Framework Convention on Climate Change-Gi Conference of the Parties (COP 22), Budapest Water Summit 2016 and highlighted Bangladesh position about the global climate situation.

“Forces Goal-2030’ has been formed in order to modernize and reorganize Bangladesh Army to face the challenges of 21st century, he said, adding that different modern weapons have been procured for the force in order to further strengthen and modernize the defence system under this goal.

For the development of Bangladesh Air Force, a sum of Tk 2706.95 crore was allocated for this force in fiscal year 2016-17, he said, adding that two submarines procured for China have arrived in the country on December 2016, which will be commissioned soon.

On foreign relations, the President said Bangladesh has established close relations with various forums with a view to improving bilateral relations with neighboring and other countries and strengthening regional and sub-regional cooperation.

“Bangladesh has established herself in the outer world as a committed and responsible state by adding fresh momentum to her relations with the Muslim world and participating effectively in the United Nations and other international organizations and forums,” he said.

Hamid said Bangladesh has been going ahead with peace, democracy, development and prosperity and the country will be established as a developed nation in the global arena.

“The Bengali nation has to once again forge unwavering unity to uphold the glorious independence obtained in exchange for the three million martyrs’ blood, sustain the spirit of the liberation war, consolidate democracy and the rule of law, eliminate terrorism and militancy and create a exploitation free golden Bengal as dreamt by Bangabandhu,” he added.